Friday, July 24, 2009

New Art Journal!

Yes, yes, I know I still need to upload the picture of the Art Journal I finished, and I will, but I'm too proud of the new Art Journal or alterered notebook/ringbinder to not show it off now.

Started off with gesso-ing the covers. Not my favourite part, because it always seems to take forever to dry, and I just want to move on!

Then I painted the cover, added some hand painted paper strips, but I wasn't feeling it. I added the 5 in buttons, and 5 buttons on the back, but it still wasn't 'right'. And then I knew what to do...

I covered it all with slightly wrinkled tin foil. Yes, that was much better!

I painted it all in bright colours, but it wasn't finished just yet...

I added some black paint (water with black paint mixed into it, instead of the other way around...) which made that the colour was still shining through.

Then I finished the inside cover... Helloooo new Art Journal!

I already put cardboard boxes and old folders in it for the pages and have started with a little button on the first 'page'. I can't wait to really get started!


  1. The idea with the tinfoil over the buttons is awesome. :) Very crafty!

  2. Thank you so much! I'd take all credit for the idea, but I actually saw Gary Reef over on YouTube doing it first. Only difference is that I use paint straight on the foil.

    Go to CapricornArtist73 and look for 'Technique of the week: foil art'. For some reason I can't seem to put the link here.

  3. Hi Evaline,
    Love your new blog and your work,
    Could you get in touch with me regarding the round robin,