Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to my new Art Journal

The other day at the car boot sale, found some Pearlescents for next to nothing. I know, result! Sooo... I've been playing with them in my new Art Journal, one that I made from a card board box some DVDs came in and an Easter egg box.

The cover will more than likely change, at the least I will tie some ribbons to the rings. But knowing me, I will mess them all up with paint, so I will have to wait until the journal is finished.

On this first spread, I used the Pearlescents, just like on the cover, a picture from one of the two years of National Geographic I got at another car boot sale, denim I decorated with the Pearlescents (hmm, maybe I should make myself a denim bag too?) and some babywipes I used to wipe off paint in other projects.

I'm having lots of fun with this Journal already, let me know what you think!


  1. Thank you! I love that aside from the two rings it cost me absolutely nothing to make. It's just card board that I would have recycled anyway.