Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finished my Art Journal!

Last night I finished my last pages in my Moleskine Art Journal! Yay!

It's always a bit bitter-sweet to finish an Art Journal. Sweet, because you've done a great job filling those pages with yummmmyyy paints, collages, jouralling, etc. etc., but bitter because you will never get to work in that book again, and it was such a great place to be, playing with paints, jotting down your dreams..

Now, as much as I love Moleskines, and I really, really do, my next Art Journal will be one I made from old card board boxes and Easter egg boxes. Just to see how that will work for me, a journal made from recycled materials.

I will be posting pictures of the last pages I have done soon, but right now, there's a double bill of ER on, with the lovely George Clooney... Gotta go!


  1. yay for you!! I soooo wish I had the discipline to finish a journal! I love looking at everyone's but I stare at all these white pages in mine! Looking forward to seeing the pages you've created :)

  2. Lucy, you 'just' have to get some paint out and get started. I always felt much better after I had drizzled at least some paint on the page, so it's not a blank page anymore. I guess that's the reason I did not feel so bad when paint spilled over to the next spread, either. ;)

  3. oh, this is fantastic!! i'd love to see more of the inside.

    i want to thank you for sending me an email before leaving the ning group. i do hope we can stay in touch. have you joined lisa cole's ning, yet? it sounds very very cool. it may be what we're looking for. lmk if you need the link.

  4. I'm thinking of joining Lisa Cole's Ning. It does sound very cool!

  5. Such a wonderful accomplishment, a full journal! I have so many "almost finished" journals that I look forward to what it's like to officially call one "finished" so thanks for sharing! ~ Tammy