Thursday, November 28, 2013

Take a picture Thursday

Photography as a hobby is not new to me. In fact, my dad has always been an amateur photographer and even had his own dark room for a while. And in 2009, I did the Project 365 challenge, where you take one picture every day for a year. I used a simple point-and-shoot camera for it, and although I had quite a few days where I had no idea what to take a picture of, I managed to finish the year and was very happy to take that very last picture. Recently, I got a DSLR, the Nikon D3200, and I'm in the process of learning all there is to know about ISO's and F-stops and all the other fun stuff of 'coming out of automatic', watching far too many Youtube videos on photography and taking horrible test shots indoors because the weather is too icky to go out. But, the other day I caught the morning light when it was still dry, and took some pictures of the scaffolding we still had up from having had some work done on our bedroom wall, both inside and out. The scaffolding was up for weeks, and just in case I'd miss it now that it's finally gone, I had to take some pics.

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