Sunday, May 5, 2013

Grow your own

Growing up, my paternal grandparents grew their own vegetables. A large part of their garden was their vegetable patch, and us kids were not allowed in without my grandmother there. I remember us getting cabbages, beans and especially bundles and bundles of rhubarb wrapped in newspaper, which would mean my mum would cook rhubarb compote, which I loved.

My parents also had an allotment for a while. I remember me and my sister getting water from a little pump, and picking gooseberries straight from the bush, and carrots straight out of the ground, although my mum would make us wash them first.

Now I don't have a big garden, or even an allotment, but I do have a small balcony and decided to have a go at growing my own veggies there. It's just raddishes, lettuce and carrots, as I haven't got more space, but it's something. Let's just keep my not-so-green thumbs crossed that they'll do alright and I'll be able to have a nice salad this summer!


  1. Good luck with your garden!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, always appreciated :)
    Cheers, Jana

  2. What a great idea this is Evelyn! I do have a garden but it's far too shady to grow vegetables and the soil is not that good either. Maybe I'll try growing veggies the way you're showing here. Thanks!