Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Come bloghopping with me...

Every now and then, I find myself following a link on a blog, and then following a link on that blog, and then that one and so on and so forth. I love these little treasure hunts, as often I find blogs I end up following, or videos that inspire.

Today was no exception.

It all started on Danny Gregory's blog. I love his books, I love his blog. His drawings are a huge inspiration as is his 'Everyday matters' movement that inspired people to draw even the most mundane objects in their lives.

The other day, he posted a introduction by Stefano, a new member to his Everyday matters group. It was a lovely and touching introduction, which rightfully made a lot of people curious to see his artwork.

Danny posted the link to Stefano's blog later, which turns out to be a fairly new blog, going back to April of this year. Stefano's drawings are similar to Danny's, in the sense that he draws anything and everything that's around him, sometimes quite literally. From his cat to the rubbish bin, from food to bull clips on his desk at work. Great stuff!

On Stefano's blog, there was a link to Herzkönigin, which, if I'm correct, translates as Queen of Hearts. Clivia says being creative makes her happy and it helps calm her down. I can related to that!

Her blog is written in German, but even if you don't speak or read that language, you can still enjoy the amazing pictures. Clivia seems rather obsessed with Polaroids, she's made some very cute Polaroid inspired stamps. (Click on Ältere Posts, it translates as 'older posts'.)

And then to make this blog hopping session complete, I found inspiring videos on Vimeo:

New Orleans Artists – Kaki Foley from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

New Orleans Artists – Rebecca Rebouché from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

Don't you just love evenings like this?

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    Happy also that you liked my blog, my posts and my ugly art!