Friday, April 20, 2012


And then, Tye's Nan passed away. And there was the arranging of the funeral that was to be held about an hours drive away from where we live, and the emptying of her home, and all the emotions that come with dealing with things like that.

And then there were health problems. Nothing too serious, but serious enough to go see my GP. And then there was the being oh-so tired, partly due to new meds, partly due to all the emotions coming out.

And then... there was new life. Two brand new nephews, born this Monday. Meet Alfie in blue and Finley in yellow:
They are still in hospital, they were born via c-section and Finley is jaundiced, but that's all being taken care of. Hopefully they should be home this weekend.

And hopefully, my creative spark will come back and I'll finally do something other than gessoing pages only to leave them white because I just don't have the 'oompf' to do anything else...

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