Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tim's tags

Last week, I stumbled across Tim Holtz' 12 tags of Christmas, where he shows you how you can make 12 diffferent tags, using all his products and his techniques.

While the tags look great, my jaw nearly dropped when I saw the amount of products used for one single tag. Tim Holtz puts handy dandy links under each tag, and the first one had 24 products used. Incredible, especially when you realise that his stuff isn't exactly on the cheap shelf in the arts and crafts shop.

So while I was moaning about this on Twitter, the lovely Dede aka Inkiwell thought of a great challenge: why not paint the tags! Forget about all the expensive inks and papers, let's get our paints out and see what happens.

I did this in pen, water colours and a tiny bit of white acrylic paint:


  1. Yay! Good job Eve, congrats on making it your own!

  2. Thank you Dede. I had so much fun doing this!

  3. Just fab Eveline, I love your take on the tag, and I agree with you on the products! This is definetely on for the use what you have category.x

  4. This turned out great, I love how this idea developed.

  5. Thank you everyone. I've already noticed the next couple of ones are more text based, wonder how I'll get around that. ;)