Monday, September 20, 2010

Watch out, girly post!

Today I had something done that I had wanted to for a long long time: having my eyebrows threaded. There has been this little booth in town where they do it, and it's always busy, and we're always rushing around getting our bits, so I never really got round to actually having it done, but today I did.

MAN did it hurt!!

Here's the before:

I know, I really needed to pluck them! She pulled out ten hairs at a time at one point, and I was sure I was bleeding! It took a while for the redness to disappear, but I do like the result:

She got me a loyalty card where I'd get the 6th time free, but I might watch some Youtube videos and learn how to do it myself. Might be less painful, too.

(Oh, and on Thursday I'm having another haircut. Ohhhyeahhhh!)


  1. Looks good! I've never had it done (and luckily don't really need to), but I do get a monthly bikini wax (sorry if that's TMI lol) which is TORTURE.

  2. That looks great! I just pluck my own. I got them waxed twice and the first time was ooook and the second time she convinced me that I needed to wax pretty much my entire face. Well that was a HUGE mistake now I have to either pay tons of money for tons of waxing ooooor (which is my option) do a lot of darn plucking. Grrrrrr.
    You look beautiful! Why another hair cut?

  3. Thank you both!

    The haircut? Because it's getting too long. Haven't had it cut since May, so it's time.

    From what I've seen on Youtube it isn't that difficult, hopefully I can do it myself, especially now she's reduced my eyebrows to near enough half of what they were. *LOL*

  4. You lucky girl -- threading is the BEST method in my opinion despite the pain, it lasts so long. My girl left the salon she worked at, I never considered learning how to do it myself. Please post if you master the technique! Cool!!