Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's only hair....

...but look at the difference it makes.

Here is before (the pics are a bit hazy as Tye had just taken a shower):

And here is after two hours of restyling by a wonderful hairdresser:


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG! Stunning! My hair is long enough that I actually can sit on it. Too scared to go to hairdresser to cut mine.I can never get them to listen to my wishes. I wished I looked good with short hair. Ya Beautiful! Didya donate ya hair to Locks Of Love? Wondering. Hugs~Poe

  3. oh wow - well done! that's a brave cut, but it looks fantastic, changes your face shape somehow (not that there was anything wrong with your face shape!)

  4. Thank you all so much!

    Niftyknits, I know, weird huh?? I noticed that too!

    Poe, I did think of it, but charities like that don't like hair that has been coloured... unfortunately.... And it wasn't until I came back home that I heard they were asking for hairdonations to use on the oil spill.. *L*