Monday, October 12, 2009

Link love

As Nanowrimo is approaching, writing and thinking about writing consumes my time. I keep my notebook on me at all times (even in bed) so I can write down anything I can think of. Oh, and of course I changed my mind. Yes, the story will still be 'about Little Red Ridinghood', but I'm going to use more fairy tales, and the MC (Main Character) is not going to be 'Red' but the biiiig bad wolf. Or someone who thinks he is, anyway. And the art journal? It's his.

And then there's blogs on writing. I'm currently in love with the wonderful Alexandra Sokoloff, who explains what structure your story should have and how to get there. I'm thinking of using the index card/PostIt notes technique that she explains in this post.

Mur Laferty has been keeping a blog called I Should Be Writing for years now. She combines a regular blog with a wonderful podcast, which is beyond cool. Not only does she have an 'easy voice' to listen to, she's got a great down to earth sense of humour that I love. Great stuff for procratination, but in the end... You should be writing!


  1. Eveline, Curious how many hours you devote to writing each week during November? I am intrigued by the concept but have never done Nanowrimo. C*O*O*L idea of combining the journal and story, I wish you major luck in November.

  2. The first night I write for at least an hour or so, and then again in the afternoon/evening, because that all counts as 'day 1'. Then along the way I skip days, or have days where I don't even get to the 1667 words a day. But then there are days where I write 2500 or more...

    To be honest I have no idea how much time I spend writing. I write bits here and there, write through ad breaks or while waiting for layers of paint to dry in my art journal. By cutting it into little bits it does not feel like such a huge task, and... I often end up writing more without even knowing it.