Friday, April 3, 2009


Now, I'm not a mum, I don't have a job that takes me outside the home and I don't pack dinners for my sweetie to eat while he's at work at night, but I do love sites about Bento lunch boxes.

They are the amazingly cute Japanese style boxes, with molded eggs and fruit cut into shapes and edible dividers to make sure that your food stays exactly where you want it to stay while traveling to school or work.

Lunch in a box is a great site to get you started. Everything you ever wanted to know about Bento's is right there.

And then there is Maisie eats Bento, a site run by Maisie's mum. She's showing off all the Bento's she's made her daughter, she's close to 100 now!

To celebrate that occasion, she's got a great giveaway at her blog. Go and have a look!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will win the starter kit so I can have my very own Bento, even when at home.


  1. Thank you for entering the Maisie Eats Bento 100th Bento Giveaway and for posting about it on your blog. Wishing you luck for the giveaway

  2. Very informative, however, I have been eating this way for years. I take my lunch to work daily. I have no kids and I ordered something cute for my lunch (teachers are allowed cute!). Thanks.

  3. I guess I'm more used to the packed sandwiches, but these lunches look sooo yum (and sometimes extremely cute, too). Maybe I should just pack myself a lunch like this every now and again.