Friday, March 27, 2009

I made my own journal!

A while ago, I started an Art Journal Round Robin with women from all over the world. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances of the sender, I did not receive any journals until the other week.

Absolutely gorgeous stuff!

And then I got inspired. I always thought that making your own Art Journal would involve at least needle and thread (and I'm no good with either), and great bookbinding skills, which I don't have. But, one of these journals I received was a so called accordion book. And I loved it!

Soooo.... I made my own!

I can't wait to get started in it! But as I have those three journals to work on already, it will have to wait. But not toooo long, because those pages are crying out for some colour!


  1. excuse my ignorance - but what's an art journal? I'm guessing it's arty...

  2. art journal round robins are awesome!

  3. The journals are almost too beautiful to write in....almost!

  4. Niftyknits: an art journal is a journal in which you not only write, but also mess with coloured pencils, paint, fabric, decorative paper, collage,anything and everything really...

    Some people use their journal to journal about their day, including drawings of whatever they see or do during their day. Others hardly even use text at all, but their journals is an explosion of colour.

    I'll be showing a lot of my pages on this blog, hope you come back so you can see what I've done. I'll also have links up to sites that show different styles of art journaling, so you'll get an idea of what others do.